Fear about trying a new fitness class?

We know that the thought of trying out a class for the first time can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Glo tries to make classes fun and comfortable for everyone, and we have put together some top tips for making a new class enjoyable.

At Glo, we believe that these four points make our classes really fun for newbies.
There’s no need to be scared to give a new class a go at Glo.

The Group Effect

Our classes are split into 15 minute intervals. This gives you the opportunity to leave at any of the intervals, removing any pressure. It also enables you to build up your fitness by 15 minutes at a time as your fitness level increases.

Variety of classes

We have a wide range of classes available at Glo, including yoga, HITT, spinning and Zumba, to name a few! There is something to suit everybody, every fitness level, every goal. Have a look on our timetable to see the range of classes available, or get in touch to find out more about a particular class.

Qualified instructors

All our instructors are qualified at Glo. They can provide the support and advice you need and they always make the atmospherefun and energetic! With the team spirit, and all the support you need – the class will feel really quick and enjoyable.

No booking required

There is no need to book for classes at Glo, just turn up and join in! Nobody gets turned away, so worried you won’t be able to make a class or don’t want to decide until the last minute? No problem!


Here are some top tips from the Glo team on how to prepare for a new class:

Do your research
Take a look at our timetable and find out which class might be suitable for your goals and your body. Looking on improving flexibility and movement? Yoga or Pilates might be the one for you. Want to get fit fast in an energetic environment?

Zumba could see you boogying your way to your dream body. Maybe you always do cardio classes, and it’s time to switch it up with some strength or flexibility classes.

Let the instructor know it is your first time
Introduce yourself and let the instructor know you haven’t tried the class before. They will then be able to tell you what you need to start the class and will keep a tentative eye on you throughout the class, offering extra guidance where necessary.

Find a place in the class that you feel comfortable
Whilst it might be tempting to go right to the back of the class and hideaway, it is great to be able to see the instructor so you can see the movements and hear their instructions. So maybe find an in-between where you don’t feel uncomfortable but you’re able to follow the class easily.

Be kind to yourself
Remember that this is your first time at the class, your body might not have moved in those ways before, and new muscles might be being used, so take it easy, maybe stay for the first one or two intervals, and know that overtime you will build more strength and confidence.


Everyone has to try a class for the first time, so everybody has been in the position you are.



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