Those who sweat together, stay together!

We have put together 5 great reasons to bring your partner or best mate along with you to the gym this February, you’ll be swept off your feet with the difference it makes to your motivation and results!

PUMP up the love

Exercising together can make you feel more in love and more attracted to your other half! When we exercise, our body releases endorphins, we get sweaty hands, a racing pule and shortness of breath, these are also things which happen when you are attracted to another person. Your brain can mistake your reaction to exercise to your reaction to the other person – making you feel more in love!

Spot on

Hate that awkward moment when there’s no-one in the gym who looks remotely like a good spotter? There’s no need to fear when your partner is near! You’ll always have someone to call on to spot you when lifting, and you’ll probably trust them more to do a good job.

Healthy competition

As humans, we have a natural instinct to be competitive and we often show this in negative ways such as who is the cleverest, who earns more money. Why not focus this instinct somewhere beneficial, in a way you can both benefit? You are likely to work much harder in the gym when you have your partner to prove yourself to, and they will be able to spur you on when you’re struggling or feeling like giving up. It’s also much harder to bail on your gym session when you’re in it together.

Quality time

When we ask many people what their reason is for not going to the gym, it is often that they do not have the time to fit it in around other commitments. It is likely that another of those commitments is spending time with your partner/friend so why not tick off this commitment whilst getting healthy and sweaty in the gym! It’s a great time to catch up, have a laugh and be kid free!

Enjoy exercising

Working out with someone you love can make the gym seem less of a chore and more like a fun catch up you wouldn’t want to miss out on! You can have a laugh, and even try out some two person exercises! Instead of just doing a plank which can feel long and monotonous, do planks with hand slaps with your partner. Similarly, you could pass a ball to make sit-ups more fun but also more effective. Working out with a friend will make clock watching a thing of the past!

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