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Whether you’re just starting out at the gym, short on time or looking for a personal trainer to push you one step further, Glo Gym is with you every step of the way, and can help you achieve whatever fitness goal you have in mind.

We’ve developed a set of tailored plans that suit a variety of people and fitness levels, meaning you can find the perfect workout plan that suits your needs, in the form of inductions, fitness plans, on-going reviews and Glo PT gym sessions.

Find out more below to see what could work for you, or call in to speak to a member of our Glo Team.

The Personal Touch


What Is it?

Get to know the team, building, studio programme and gym equipment better to make the most of your membership and reach your goals. A member of the team will introduce themselves and then take you through a welcome workout which will include cardiovascular machines and resistance machines to ensure you know how to use them. The induction will take around 30 minutes.


What Is it?

To keep you progressing we are happy to give you a new fitness plan after your 30th visit to the gym ( each visit you will stamp your program card to keep track ) with new goals and achievements in mind this is sure to set you on the right track for success.



What Is it?

This is an opportunity to speak with the instructor and tell them what you’re looking to achieve. We will give you your own personal fitness plans so you have something to work with in the gym and achieve your goals over the coming weeks. The plan will include a fitness plan and advice on classes that may also help you. The fitness plan will take around 30 minutes.


What Is it and is it for me?

Having a personal trainer comes with a wide range of benefits.

You’ll have a person there pushing you through your entire journey, giving you the best advice and programmes that money can buy. And someone overruling that voice in your head saying you can’t do it.

As part of our PT programmes, we will look at your BMI, bodyweight, blood pressure and body fat.

It is proven that you will get your results quicker and provides a greater motivation for yourself.

Find out more.

The Group Effect

Fitness Studio

What Is it?

Our Fitness Studio has a varied and fun class timetable to suit all people, no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete! Whether it’s a relaxing Yoga or a sweat bursting Boot Camp, we have it all.

See our Fitness Studio timetable for more information.

Fast Class

What Is it?

Fast Classes are our newest addition to Glo Gym. If you’re short on time or want to spice up your gym workout, you can jump into a fast class that will take you through an intense yet fun 15 minute session.

See our Fast Class timetable for more information.


Spin Studio

What Is it?

Our Spin Studio is one of a kind and you’ll experience Spinning like never before. From indoor cycling in France using our Virtual Screen, to Spinning alongside our exhilarating Spin Instructors, you’ll hit the highs of Spinning like you’ve never imagined!

See our Spin studio timetable for more information.

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